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A poem about Ziva's life at NCIS


Time to Breathe.

I had orders from my father to kill my brother, To gain trust from another.
I have killed before, fighting for my country in it's ever-lasting war.
Never before have I ever been asked to kill my flesh and blood.
With orders from my father, i head to DC.
This mission is as difficult as can be.
Crouched in hidden silence I peer through the doorway.
My gun raised, aimed at his head,
I pull the trigger.
And before knew it, my brother was dead.
My father's orders fulfilled,
I have earned trust from another.

As a Liaison agent at NCIS, few welcomed me with open arms.
They feared me as they probably though I would bring harm.
Abby was not open to the idea of me coming in -
She thought I was replacing her best friend, Kate
The agent my brother assassinated.
But that was not so with Special Agent McGee.
Tony was afraid of such a strong, beautiful woman.
But Gibbs had little fear and a lot of trust in me.
As time went by, I experienced friendship and love from strangers,
I proved that I did not bring any dangers.
I couldn’t open up my feelings, my emotions I kept hidden.
Some though I was mean and cold.
I received unexpected hugs Abby.
And slaps on the back of my head.
They proved to be loyal and always had my back.
Constantly mixing up my English,Tony is quick to tease me.

When Jenny died, I know we should have had her back.
Tony blames himself, but I tell him not to worry.
We get a new director named Vance.
He is splitting up my family and I am going back.
I don't want to go because this is now my home.
I feel like I am in a trance.
I want this to be a dream with none of it true.
Leaving is hard and a feeling of blue.
As I say goodbye, I don't want to let go.
I already miss my family,
Whom I have grown to trust & love,
I am going to miss this feeling of safety...
Back to Mossad I go.

Months go by and I come back.
I am glad to see my family.
It is great to have us all together, the whole group of us.
Together again hopefully for good.Solving cases, the days pass me by.
All is well in the world,
Suddenly trouble starts to slowly unfold,
I know something isn’t right, my boyfriend is here
But what am I supposed to do now?
Who should I go to, nothing is going well,
I have made up my mind now,
But it seem to be too late
I come home to find my boyfriend dead on the ground...
Tony laying bloody next to him
Before I know it I am back in Israel.
My father doesn’t seem to care
All he wants he is my trust and loyalty,
Yet he hasn’t given me his in return
Everyone blames me for what happened,
I have been betrayed by my father, Mossad, and Tony, my best friend.
This time for good, I tell Gibbs I cannot trust Tony.
They leave me here, back with Mossad.
Deep down, I want them to turn around.

I am sent on a suicide mission to Somalia.
This I make my Aliyah, this is I do to prove my loyalty to my father.
The Damocles go down and I am the only survivor.
Half-way around the world, I am captured,
Held in a terrorist camp for months, I am tortured and abused.
I slowly begin to die.
Then one day, when all hope seems lost
An almost forgotten but familiar face sits before me,
After all I have done, Tony has risked everything to save me
I had to ask why me? Why would you save me?
“I couldn’t live without you” was his simple answer.
My family has found me.
Out of nowhere a sniper’s bullet has hit my aima in the head,
He lays dead on the ground
I am back at home, I am safe.
We are welcomed back like heroes, and a familiar hug I get.
Everything is still not quite the same.
I have to recall the details of the hell I have been through
And my father, he sends someone to claim me back,
But my family won’t let go of me again.
Not this time or ever.
I am going to stay in D.C. forever.
To do that I must resign from Mossad,
I become a Special Agent, Tony’s new probie.
I dream to become an American citizen.
As I take my pledge to renounce all allegiances to Israel,
I also pledge my loyalties to the United States of America.


I am Ziva David

I am Ziva David.

I am Mossad Agent Ziva David.
I am captured; tortured and abused.
I hear Saleem's footsteps and my cell door open.
I see nothing but the sack over my head.
I want to die and leave this pain of being tortured.
I am Mossad Agent Ziva David.

I pretend to back in Washington DC with my real family.
I feel every little cut, kick, whip and burn. I touch the rope that is binding my hands. 
I worry about Tony and McGee's life when I see them in my cell.
I cry inside when I see Saleem on the ground; a bullet to his head.
I can now breather my signs of relief, I have been rescued. 
I am Ziva David, survivor of a Somalia terrorist camp.

I understand why certain things happen to certain people.
I say that it was in the past and the past is the past.
I dream to become a citizen of the United States.
I try to let go of my prior fate as..... 
I pledge my allegiance to America.
I want to show them I am strong enough to move on.
I am Special Agent Ziva David. 


The Story of Leroy Jethro Gibbs

The Story of Gibbs.

I am Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
I am a proud Marine.
I was trained for if our enemies were to ever come,
I would fight for my country's freedom.
Father had a Winchester, no one was allowed to touch.
So a Sniper Marine I became and thrived very much.
While I fought for my country, my life on the line.
My lovely wife and dear child died.
Unfortunately not in their own time,
Intent on revenge,
I act as a merciless predator hunting for it's prey,
My family's killer driving near
But far enough, so that he wasn't aware.
I aimed my rifle and put a bullet through his head.
All is well in the world
But I still miss my girls.
I am Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

My family died
My heart I hide,
To the life I knew, it was hard to say good bye.
To move on in this world I became an NCIS Special Agent.
I put criminals behind bars
And the innocent I protect from harm.
My new family is made from my team;
DiNozzo and McGee, brotherly love and constant bickering.
Ziva and Abby; odd sisters, Israeli and Goth.
They look up to me; I am their boss, mentor, dad.
In their eyes I can do no wrong, but the secret I hide will prove them mistaken :(
If they find out, their hearts would be aching.
Ducky; what a charming old lad
A mind riddled with stories and full with wisdom.
Every lonely night I am in my basement with my boat and bottle of Bourbon,
Sanding, sawing and going with the grain.
The sweet voice of a cheerful girl
And the tender voice of a lovely wife is heard on a tape.
Oh, how I miss my Shannon and Kelly.
My family died,
So my heart I hide.
I am Leroy Jethro Gibbs

My life is in chaos now
As my past comes back to haunt me,
My family's killer -- 20 years have passed.
As my dear Abs receives a cold case -
My family's killer has risen from his grave,
It haunt me, I thought it was in the past.
My brass I didn't clean,
The brass Abby matched to me.
Now Abby's hurt and mean -
"You killed him in cold blood".
But how could intelligent, virtuous Abby ever understand.
Yet, she is still willing to do anything for me.
But this secret I hide from everyone else....
DiNozzo and McGee, unsuspecting of what their hero did
Oh, what would they think of me?
The son and daughter of the man I killed,
I stand before them now.
Their purpose I don't know,
But threats have been made.
The ones I love are targeted, they are the prey,
I need to save them and get out of this unbeknown anger
Their lives I must know protect,
So the truth I hide.
Still I am in a bind,
The rules I live by must change, trust and loyalty broken.
But one is new - rule 51
"Sometimes you are wrong".
My heart I hide is hiding no longer,
The people I love are in danger.
Now, who be so kind as to help me out of this bind? :(
I am an NCIS Special Agent; boss, son, friend and father.
I am Leroy Jethro Gibbs......
Bounded Forever
Gibbs and Ziva
Father and Daughter Love
Abby's lips are red
Gibbs' eyes are blue
McGee's books are read
Tony has a vibrant hue
Ducky speaks to the dead
And Ziva is a Jew.

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